Here it is! my Arqui300 Academy Final Project! :)
It was a long long way since i started this project, by having the first ideas until the final result.

Basically i took Albert Einstein's quote "To know is nothing at all, to imagine is everything" and started to think how i could make a video about this phrase. I decided to break the quote in 5 diferent pieces and make an animation that somehow is related to my subjective view of almost each word. They are 5 indepent animation that together create this sentence, and that i hope they can visually represent that phrase, it was also a "test" to my abilities with 3dsMax and camera tracking, and i learned a lot from this project with i really think it is one of the most important points!
Every scene was filmed, animated and composited by me, and i also made HDRI's for each scene, so i just hope it deserved the effort :)

So, the final result is here, and i hope you like :)

Made with 3dsMax, Boujou, Syntheyes, AE and Premiere.

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