Directed By:
Daniel Broadley

Written By:
Daniel Broadley
& Fletcher Jarvis

Produced By:
Fletcher Jarvis

Executive Producer:

Cinematography By:
Alex Thornton & Daniel Broadley

Edited By:
Daniel Broadley

Keith Whitehouse - Cop
Andy Tea - Cop
Lloydie Crucial - Dealer
Kris Johnson - Gang Member
Dom Helson - Dealer
Cosmo Jarvis - Gang Member
Jackie Chat - Gang Member

Special Thanks to:
Rosie Hillier, Mandy Hillier, Andy Kent, Jackie Chat

Music by: Giles Lamb

This is the Directors Cut version of the music video I directed for Sleaze in June 2011. I decided to revisit it again and add a slightly more cinematic soundtrack to see how it complemented the visuals and it worked in such a way that i thought i would post it for everyone to see. Had I intended to make this a short film to begin with i would have definitely extended some scenes and gone a lot further into character development, but compiling this has definitely increased my confidence in making dramatic films and i believe it wont be long until i step back into directing proper short films, as i haven't made one since I was at college.

The original music video can be viewed on YouTube here:

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