I was member of the digital compositing team on this 3D Stereo theatrical commercial for SpyFilms/Sony.
Directed by: Arev Manoukian
Production Company: Spy Films

Arev Manoukian Director
Carlo Trulli Executive Producer
Marcus Trulli Producer

Animation & Visual Effects by: DIGITAL DOMAIN

Ed Ulbrich President, Commercial Division; Executive Vice President
Tanya Cohen Executive Producer
Jim Riche Executive Producer
Richard Morton Visual Effects Supervisor
Melanie La Rue Senior Producer
Michael Shores Senior Producer
David Liu CG Supervisor
William Lemmon Coordinator
Niles Heckman Previs Artist
Derek Crosby Technical Director
Adrian Dimond Technical Director
Michael Lori Data Integration
Hilery Johnson Copeland Roto Artist
Kanae Morton Roto Artist
Ryan Apuy Digital Artist
Lee Carlton Digital Artist
Daisuke Nagae Digital Artist
Anthony Ramirez Digital Artist
Gideon Vandegrift Digital Artist
Samir Lyons Animator
Dan Patterson Animator
Jason Mortimer Lead FX artist
John Cooper FX artist
Eric Ebling FX artist
Ken Jones FX artist
Rafael F. Colón Lead Nuke Compositor
Arthur Argote Nuke Compositor
Sven Dreesbach Nuke Compositor
Niles Heckman Nuke Compositor
Aruna Inversin Nuke Compositor
Lenz Kol Nuke Compositor
Christopher DeCristo Flame Artist
Jeff Heusser Flame Artist

3D version here: youtube.com/watch?v=9h0ZrMB1TI4

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