3000 kilometers of Iran's border meet the sea and since long before Columbus, Iranians have been riding the waves in war and peace time.

But in modern times, Iran's ship building is a relatively new industry. The country is battling to acquire the technology and expertise needed to get a foot in the global ship building market, but for now it's an out of pocket endeavor.

As an oil rich nation Iran has been obliged, until quite recently, to rely on outside help when it comes to transporting its oil.

And offshore oil projects also demand industrial might that Iran has yet to fully develop. So although the bills are mostly flowing in at this point, and returns for Iran's ship building industry are slight, Tehran is supporting its expenditure, with the future in mind.

In the last decade Iran has built and launched three ocean liners, so for this edition of the show we flew 1300 kilometers, from the capital to Iran's port town of Bandar Abbass to stand on the deck of one of these sea monsters.

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