Hervé Barmasse and his father Marco Barmasse did it again.
They opened a new route on Punta Gnifetti's s-e face, Monte Rosa.

On September 30, in a one day push they climbed 800m of loose rock to complete Hervé's trilogy: three new routes on three icons - Matterhorn, Monte Bianco and Monte Rosa.

A video by the STORY.teller COLLECTIVE
Filmed by Giacomo Berthet / Damiano Levati / Hervé Barmasse
Edited by Damiano Levati | STORY.teller COLLECTIVE

_Push Button
Performed by James Sizemore
Written by James Sizemore
Courtesy of Matchless Music, LLC

_K's Lullaby
Performed by J Minus
Written by J Minus
Courtesy of Matchless Music, LLC

_Lullaby to a Firefly
Performed by Entropik
Written by Entropik
Courtesy of Matchless Music, LLC

_The Wire (Act 1) (Instrumental)
Performed by Joey Barnes
Written by Joey Barnes
Courtesy of Matchless Music, LLC

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