Acting in response to the biblical command to care for orphans and widows, Family Christian is compelled to serve and shelter those that are precious in the Father's sight. The artisans and crafts we feature are an extension of that. By partnering with global-minded organizations, Family Christian contributes to the greater good of the artisans, telling their stories, ensuring they are offered a fair working wage, providing space to sell their wares and, most importantly, helping hope and freedom grow out of the thorny soil of poverty and slavery.

We also provide our customers and employees another opportunity to support the mission of James 1:27–not everyone can participate and travel on mission trips, and we can provide an indirect means for others to support and aid children and families in need. Our customer and our stores have the heart for this mission, and we can give them another avenue to work through to achieve it.

Certainly this is a key reason Family Christian was lead to develop this program. By adding the Greater Goods fair trade concept into our stores, we will give our vendors the capacity to rescue and fulfill the needs of a much greater number of women, children and families.

Our vendors have select avenues to distribute product, but the production capacity that these opportunities can handle is limited. Through our stores and our marketing channels, we can increase production and earning capacity, enabling our vendors to reach out to people who might otherwise be unable to receive their help. They have waiting lists of women and children needing rescue and our purchases help facilitate the number of families they can help.

By providing a growing, steady work capacity, these programs can help in every facet of the lives of these families. Children won't need to be left home alone where they are at risk of being taken, sold into slavery or injured. Mothers can stay home to raise their families while providing a wage to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. The groups we work with provide rescue and safe houses, as well as education and zero interest loans to give safe ways for these families to survive in untenable circumstances.

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