Hermetic and Puzzleprod are proud to present you the

Release of the video for the track "in the garden"

Directed and produced by Patrik Vincent

Music by Hermetic

The original idea for the track was a very visual one during its production,

with the window opened and sound from the nearby garden streaming into the

room combined with watching some retro documentaries about John Lennon the title

determined itself.

Inspiraing talks with the director Patrik Vincent about making a Video took place

and a vague visual idea about an english garden with

flowers emerged from the start...developing into the material that later on became the

final result for the video.

"Think of it as if there was an alien watching the plants in the garden" Patrik said after a late

night of editing the most recent footage he and a colleague had shoot some days before, sneaking around

in the

complete dark somewhere in one of many parks of town

"Think of it as (the Alien) it's trying to communicate with

us and its first appraoch is the plants, taking samples,

tasteing them and getting more and more

hallucinations!" :)

I'd like to thank Patrik Vincent for his sensitive spirit of catching the idea and for putting up with my

impatience and Oli Value for assisting on those late night shoots and for being inspiration, thanks guys!

Gothenburg 13 oct 2011


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