Well this is the first time for me being on the wrong side of the lens, so apologies for being slightly out of focus all the time.

This is a short video on a track that I made for a Cinemover (links below). The track is made up of System 30. It's a really useful resource as you can pretty much make anything frame based that you could think of.


Exel - exelcomposites.com/
Cinemover - moveyourcameracheap.blogspot.com/
Caleb's site - dslrvideoshooter.com/
My main Vimeo Channel - vimeo.com/samfack
SlideShow video - vimeo.com/30489153

Things I Forgot to say:

Firstly if you are struggling to source the stuff I would be happy to make you a track. I also have a bag that it all fits perfectly into with enough room for a small tripod (this was why I said people think you are a fisherman).

However there would be a 2 month waiting list. This is not because of a huge backlog of orders but because I am going to be away from now until Christmas. If there is a lot of interest I might be able to persuade the guys at work to make some. Obviously shipping fees to the US tend to be quite high but we can work that out later.

Let me know your thoughts by tweeting me @samfack or emailing me at fack212@gmail.com.

If I do start making this stuff I'm going to need a name for it... "FackTrack" has a ring to it.

Thanks for watching.

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