This is a spec spot for the burgeoning Canadian distillery, Maverick who create the great TAG Vodka.

Directed, shot and animated by Julian van Mil (contact Shot on location in High Park, Toronto, Canada, all on a Canon 7D DSLR.
Sound Design: Robert E. Garfinkle
Music: Hannah's Theme, by the Chemical Brothers (buy it here:
My Portfolio (

In a lush northern Ontario forest, it's about to rain. A flash of lightning illuminates a curious fish in a babbling-brook. The fish has a distinctive black-and-white colouring. For the first time, this 'little maverick' sees lightning above it, and is inspired to do something no fish has ever done. It leaps out of the water and begins its search for the unknown. Its flight through the forest underbrush leads it toward the sky and into the storm clouds where it discovers the product of its inspiration, TAG No.5 Vodka.

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