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In Where is my Heart? you play the story of a family of three monsters. The family lives comfortably in a tree in the woods until one day they lose their home and thus embark on a great adventure. Their journey will take them through the mushroom caves and even deeper down to the lifeless crystal pools and back up into the mountains. Help the monsters find their home tree again!

Where-is-my-Heart-? is loosely based on Bernie Schulenburg’s experience of a sunday hike, which he went on with his mom and his dad. They got lost in a forest and confronted with this problem they came to face each other’s negative personality traits. Bernie’s father showed his anxiety and this made him switch to ‘bossy mode’. Bernie’s mom responded to this as she always did: She turned to lamenting about her life and existence as she had been doing for the 25 past years of her partnership. Bernie on his side fell into his well known patterns of regret, remorse and disconnectedness. Here there were three hurt children-at-heart, not understanding nor able to break out of their predicament. This game is Bernie’s clumsy attempt to come to an understanding with himself and his parents as a family.

by Die Gute Fabrik
Web: gutefabrik.com
email: wimh@gutefabrik.com
Twitter: @gutefabrik, @bushghost

PSN (PSP and PS3) - Out Now!
coming to PC/MAC/LINUX 2013

music by Alessandro Coronas alessandrocoronas.com

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