We think of time as a one way motion from the past, through the present, and on into the future
We think that we are driven along the current of time
We think that present is the result of our past


When the Big Bang happened, at that time it was present time, as this moment is also present time.
It was "NOW" before as much as it is "NOW" now.

A flame burns, and each second a flame is the "object" flame and indeed each second is a different shape and different gas particles.
The flame is an EVENT which IS every instant

What we call past is just a different fragment of the same EVENT.


Look at a boat moving over water and leaving smooth wakes.
The wake, fading out, tells us where the boat has been
just as our memory of the past tells us what we have done


The wake doesn't drive the ship,
just as our past doesn't drive our present.

We insist in being determined by the past,
but this is our choice.
The fact is that it all starts now, every moment.
but we like to establish a connectivity with the past, because that gives to other people
the impression that we are "sane" - at least in our society.



Concept/Animation: lostconversation.com
Sound: iamsarco.com

Music and production: Sarc:o
Sound design: Sarc:o and Michele Morari
Piano performed by: Valerio Carboni
Mastering: Claudio Tani at Zetafactory studio, Carpi - Italy

Words here taken and interpreted from Alan Watts: youtube.com/watch?v=15QW2lTAZmA
(must watch at least part 1 and 2)


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