Ok here are a few landscape test shots I did with QuantMeBaby patch designed by the amazing Driftwood. Unfortunately since I dont have a Pro account I had to compress to .H264 to stay under the 500mb limit. I wish y'all could see the prores 422 HQ file, rivals RED all day long. Believe it or not this looks like crap compared to the prores

WorkFlow: .mts to prores 422HQ via 5DtoRGB (rec.709)
Import to Final Cut Pro, send to Color(stretch curve, sat up .2) export to .H264 via export with compressor.

Equipment: GH2, Sandisk Extreme Pro 45mb/s 8gb, Ceicio7 Oct-18 to m4/3, LOMO prime 50mm f/2, and last 2 shots are on Jupiter 135 f/3.5 and the last shot is in ETC mode(amazing with driftwoods new patch), Cheapo monopod, poncho for rain :P

After doing many many test I find QuantMeBaby to be the best patch bar none thus far for the GH2. Vitaliy, I owe him big time for the amazing work, and Driftwood even more for the hard work on developing patches. This camera is changing my workflow and my company all in positive ways.

I will be shooting more in the upcoming months stay tuned, films and commercials to come soon... please download the original and watch it on a HDTV its great.

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