UPDATE April 2012: We're proud to show off our newest Every 15 Minutes movie...

Every 15 Minutes: Castro Valley High School 2012

Here is one of our earlier examples of an Every 15 Minutes video.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Every 15 Minutes program is a drunk driving education program for high school junior and seniors. This video is one of the first RocketSpots.tv did in the genre. It was nominated for a local video award that year for the California Bay Area.

Like our Emmy Award winning Every 15 Minutes 2010: Castro Valley High School, this video was shot over several days at the participating high school and shown to over 1000 students, parents, first responders and citizens concerned with keeping kids from drinking and driving.

If you'd like, come over to Rocketspots.tv to learn more about our work with the Every 15 Minutes program. For more info, email info@RocketSpots.tv.

For more information on the Every 15 Minutes program, check out: every15minutes.com/

To produce this video, we partnered with our favorite sister company, c2mnow.com.

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