this is part of the show reel of Kirsten Nehberg

"Natural Selection" / "Natürliche Auslese"
runtime: 13 min

After three of her newborn children have died, Klara, prays to God to send her a healthy baby. But her violent husband Alois is quick to crush her every desperate hope. One year later, Klara is in the midst of an excruciating labor. A Jewish doctor is witness to her subservience toward a blood uncle who at the same time is her hostile husband. The doctor helps press the newborn from Klaras swollen abdomen but is then torn away by Alois. However, the intense labor pain affords Klara the courage to calm him. The atmosphere becomes even more strained when the baby is found not to be breathing... "Natural Selection" evolves its story at the turn of the 19th century in the Austrian province. The term natural selection, once delineated by Charles Darwin, doesn't leave a bitter taste just since 1933. Considering the time and place and the Jewish doctor... Do you wish this newborn to take its first breath?

Klara Hitler: Kirsten Nehberg
Alois Hitler: Rudolf Waldemar Brem
Doktor: Florian Teichtmeister

director: Claas Ortmann
cinematography: Gero Kutzner
Costume Design by Katharina Diebel
Makeup Department: Pascal Herr
Sound Department: Andreas Ersson
Produced by Tobias Walker, Philipp Worm

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