An encounter between a person, a violin and an umbrella.

Rather dark and surreal. Slow (or is that meditative?) And very obviously of the technology of it's time.

The first video art I did upon graduating from art school (1984), so it is 'vintage' stuff recovered from a VHS tape recording of a computer-controlled 4-projector slideshow (using an AVL Roadrunner computer - now ancient tech.) It was projected on big screens - because you can do that with slides! (analogue hi-def)

The photography was shot in Perth beginning dawn one morning in 1983, with my good friend Danny as the protagonist. Locations include the Swan river and freeway underpasses as well as sand dunes in Quinns Rocks, that are now suburbs. Obviously it is negatives mounted in slides, with some positives.

This was restored with great effort from an ancient VHS tape (of the original projection), synched and retimed with a digital re-master of the audio from Trevor Hilton & generally patched up.

The audio was composed on a Fairlight music computer at WAIT (Curtin) in 1984 - as well as the old upright piano, with some mics and a 4-track reel-to-reel.

The elegiac note behind it all is that Danny committed suicide in 1990 - many years ago and many years after this was made - so how strange to revisit this and see him as a young man (as he will ever be in my memory), and how sad to not know what he could have become. He was a very nice and intelligent person, a fine guitarist, and my friend. It's dedicated to him.

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