HAMBURGER : The Dark Comedy Film

Concept :
1. The Hamburger symbolizes obstacles and dreams.
2. Love makes people dare to do whatever they have in mind, Even right or wrong.

Treatment :
It's a story of Moo, an ordinary man who is afraid of everything, and his strange dream with a hamburger and a sexy beautiful girl who he falls in love with. But when he wakes up, he finds his dream has become reality as he comes across the girl in his dream, being harassed by bullies. The only chance to win her heart is to rescue her. Leaving fear behind, he fights the bullies. He finally defeats them and win her love. But Moo is soon shocked to find her turn into a hamburger. This shocking incidence wakes Moo up from his dream only to find that he has been knocked out by the bullies. As fate is knocking on the door, Moo tips over on his way home. A piece of paper drops in front of him, containing statements and a thank-you note from the girl. He calls her right away without noticing there is a hamburger on the dining table...

This film was shot with Nikon D7000 and Post-Production was done in Adobe After Effects CS5, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, Soundbooth CS5, Adobe Audition CS5.5 and Boujou 5.0


Director/Story/Editor/Cinematography/VFX/SFX : Sipakorn Kungsapichart
Assistant Director1/Screenplay : Lallalit Kisorawong
Assistant Director2/Boom Operator2 : Nuttapon Sornchumsiang
Assistant Cameraman1 : Panuwat Tangsathienpan
Assistant Cameraman2 : Mattanavee Reslee
Boom Operator1 : Satirapat Kungsapichart
Boom Operator3 : Chaiwat Sriwilard
Camera Gear1 : Panuwat Tangsathienpan & Nuttapon Kungsapichart
Lighting Gear : Kornida Vichayapai
Lighting : Salaithorn Srisuchart & Mattanavee Reslee
VFX Coordinators : Phakphum Ngammisri, Manita Kaewsomnuk and Chaiwat Sriwilard
Slate Supervisors : Wisarut Triamlumlert, Chaipat Banditwattanawong, Jiramate Likitthammasarn and Peranuch Lorphensri
Make up Artists : Manita Kaewsomnuk & Lallalit Kisorawong
3D Artist : Nuttapon Sornchumsiang
SFX Technicians : Nopporn Kungsapichart & Nuttapon Kungsapichart
Stylist Supervisor: Sipakorn Kungsapichart
Costume Supervisor : Lallalit Kisorawong
Costume Designer : Nuttapon Sornchumsiang
Photographer : Panuwat Tangsathienpan
Location Manager : Phakphum Ngammisri
Executive Producer : Thanatorn Jiarakun
Co-Executive Producer : Cholrit Luangjinda

Pakawat Winyukul as Moo
Mutitha Ruangjun as Dear
Chayapat Promvi-intr as Pae
Phakphum Ngammisri as Go
Wisarut Triamlumlert as Terrorist1
Salaithorn Srisuchart as Terrorist2
Chaipat Banditwattanawong as Terrorist3
Chaiwat Sriwilard as Henchman1
Mattanavee Reslee as Henchman2
Kaewklau Sethapun as Pae's girlfriend1
Arpamart Vongsomboon as Pae's girlfriend2
Chudaporn Pakkul as Pae's girlfriend3

Neeranuch Utapothirak
Thongchai Ngammisri
Sirinuth Wattanakoshin
Col. Amarit Kisorawong
Col. Mongkolrudee Kisorawong WRTA
Thanadej Tragulpirom
Chayapat Promvi-intr

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