2nd in the Studio Sessions Series with John Condron
October 2011
Filmed and Edited by : Zoran Orlic
Recorded at Third City Sound, Joliet, IL
Audio by William Aldridge - Third City Sound
John's facebook page : goo.gl/EyNCH
John's Vimeo page : vimeo.com/user8585133
About the song "Darkroom":
This song came about as kind of a surprise really. I was sitting in the garage, playing around with this guitar part, singing nonsense lyrics over the top but not intending necessarily to write anything...more of an exercise I guess. Zoran had recently finished up a bunch of photo shoots with the band Wilco & I had just been looking at some of the pictures & marveling at how he was able to create this lasting image & mood that perfectly represented his subject matter to the world. The idea for the lyric started out being literally about a photographer but very quickly turned into an observation of how we all edit our own image to show only what we'd like the world to see, keeping all the other aspects to ourselves & sharing our "best" side...an entire life as a photo album, sifting through the moments & carefully arranging them in the proper timeline like an authorized history. The song was originally called "Picture Man",but there was confusion over the title after the video was shot, Zoran heard the line "into the darkroom" & listed that title temporarily in the credits...we all agreed for a number of reasons that it was a better title for the song, so not only was he the inspiration for this one, but he actually named it as well. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by such incredible people & I am continually inspired & amazed by all of you.
About the video:
For the second video in the "studio sessions" series, Zoran had suggested that we shoot something a little more intimate, seated & with a tighter shot throughout. The song "Darkroom" was the newest of the recent batch & the slightly more somber feel of it seemed the perfect fit for a Fall afternoon. Billy Aldridge from Third City Studio, where all of these are shot, was on hand to help with the sound this time around & the mix of a "pick & slide" style acoustic guitar run through a very loud VOX amplifier set against a soft vocal presented some minor issues but luckily for me, it wasn't anything that he couldn't correct. The backdrop is the south wall of the studio where strings of old Christmas lights were hung about twelve years ago...some of them still work & added to the mood of the performance for me personally. Finally, everyone involved, after seeing the video, agreed that the shot of my boots at the end was one of their favorite parts...after watching it myself I agree with my mother...I need a new pair of boots. I hope that you enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed making it!

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