: This video was made with beta version. Check official demo video at vimeo.com/31992018

DMesh is a custom software I am working on in my free time. My goal is that everyone who don’t have any design background can make creative and unique images using a reference image easily and quickly. Build with C++ and Cinder ( with SimpleGUI )

This software analyzes an image and generate triangle meshes with points automatically. There is a manual mode so a user can add more points to get more detail or delete existing points. Even he/she can start from no point.

Users can export an image as either a bitmap image or a vector image. Especially a vector image consists of all each triangle mesh so they can be edited in other application. These output can be imported into other image editor like Photoshop or Illustrator so they would be used as element in your work easily.

In the quick tutorial video it shows how to use this software to generate a triangle mesh based image.

Technical feature:
Delaunay Triangulation algorithm
Auto/Manual triangle mesh generation
Object tracking system.
Input: Bitmap image / Output : Bitmap (PNG) or Vector image (PDF)

The current version has almost functions I planned for the basic version and the below features would be added for professional users. iPhone / iPad version is on the list.

- Edit each triangle mesh
- Video Import/Output
- Object Tracking in the video
- Triangle Mesh Particle System
- 3D Work Environment and 3D Model export

projects inspired:
Papercraft Self Portrait - testroete.com/index.php?location=head
Singing Face - pillandpillow.com/squeal
Strata - vimeo.com/22078852
The Wombats ‘Techno Fan’ - vimeo.com/groups/creativeapps/videos/26051798

Check more at official website:

Download in Mac App Store:
DMesh - itunes.apple.com/app/dmesh/id480992638?mt=12
DMesh Pro - itunes.apple.com/us/app/dmesh-pro/id493810110?ls=1&mt=12

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