If ever I regretted settling down here in New York this past year, it was after I watched my own footage of Claire and Page wailing without instruments in front of the Manhattan skyline. On one side of the East River, this monstrous city roared with the never ending sound of police sirens and steel clanking and heels mashing into gravel like a drum beat. On the other shore, I watched the two Athenians serenade themselves so intimately and peacefully as if they were back in a quieter morning in Georgia. The contrast was too striking for me to forget.

After the wind had made the first take of one of their songs just a tad bit too noisy, they settled on doing it again and the next, with some more help. "We should go ask some people if they want to sing with us," they said. "Oh, well, we can try but---" I tried to say, but the sisters had run off already, excited by the prospect. We moved up and down the beach and watched most of the people by the shore firmly and suspiciously decline the offer to be in their impromptu choir. "This wouldn't happen if we were in Athens," Page had whispered to me. On the last strip of sand of East River Park, they found a few new friends that were kind enough, or maybe curious enough to sing with them. The result is such a refreshing chorus so unfamiliar to me nowadays in New York streets. They made some beach goers and bystanders grin and smile here and there. Until of course, New York City literally fought back and sent one of the park officers to kick us out after the song. I apologized and waved him off. "This wouldn't happen if we were in New Jersey," I mumbled to myself.

I think we all appreciated our old homes just a tiny bit more after that.

Wanderer Session #69: Hope For AGoldenSummer
Images, Sound, Edit by Kevin de Wilde
Music by Claire Campbell and Page Campbell
Filmed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
October 2011

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