Our entry for the 2011 DVMission 48 Hour film competition. We are given three criteria for the film, then have 48 hours to write film and edit a 2min short.

This years 'obstructions' were:
Title: Thundermaus
Line of dialogue: Let them eat cake.
Genre: Techno Horror

We ended up winning the 'most cinematic moment' which the judges called the whole film! And we were nominated for Best Actor and Best Story too!

Shot on a varied mixture of cameras which include: The GoPro HD Hero 2, Canon 7D, Canon 60D, Canon XF105, and Canon XF305. The vast majority of the film was on the two DSLRs with the jib shots on the larger cameras, the GoPro for the car follow shot. Mixutres of lenses, the star being the canon "nifty fifty" 50mm f1.8 for those lovely shallow close ups.

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