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We Are Friends began in 2008 in Vancouver as a twisted idea for a fight scene and has since evolved into a monster of a feature film. We are Massachusetts natives and long-time friends Stebs Schinnerer and Trevor Moore, and we've been pointing cameras at each other for the past decade-plus. Now we're possessed by a mutual vision we can't shake: a movie about movies, violence, vanity, friendship and politics-- an autobiography with a touch of allegory. Organic and genuine, the film draws heavily from the lives and talents of the creators and their friends. The project is as independent as it is ambitious.

Weaving elements of docufiction, action, drama, and comedy with a hard-hitting narrative, we aim to create a completely original look, feel, and tempo. Almost every aspect of the film's production— concept, writing, pre-production, acting, shooting, editing, marketing, and distribution-- are handled by Stebs, Trevor, and their friends. This is truly a passion project.

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