A short film detailing the events from just before the start of the attempted occupation of the London Stock Exchange through to the morning after, when Giles Fraser, the Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral ordered to the police to go and bless our right to protest.

The film starts with the press photographing Jesus Christ on the church steps. Jesus happened to sit down directly in front of me. He carried a homemade placard which said, "I threw the moneylenders out for a reason." Next up is the beginning of the first session of the People's Assembly of the Occupation of the London Stock Exchange. Immediately practicalities were discussed. A top priority were how the thousands of people gathered could effectively communicate and reach a consensus for action. We were lucky. Other cities around the world have already developed effective models. We listened to explanations of these and immediately adopted them. Another top priority was how to hold the space we had occupied to prevent the police from dispersing us. We broke into small groups to discuss specific issues. Very quickly we had set up a camp kitchen, a medical centre, communal shelters and a method by which spare 'private' tent space could be shared and the sharing could be coordinated. Toilets were organised. We had moved in. Relations with the police remained edgy but we grew an external communications team and softened them. We became established in the area. First thing in the morning Dr Giles Fraser, the Chancellor of St Paul's arrived and ordered the police to leave the Cathedral steps. At the end of the film you can hear him saying that our comrades who were still sleeping were about to be disturbed by bells which would be "spectacularly loud".

We are the 99%. The political process has been corrupted by corporate power. 1% of the population owns almost everything. It time for the ruthless exploitation of people and the planet to stop. It is time for a fairer world.

On Saturday 15th October, without any political parties commenting in advance, 971 cities around the world in 82 countries witnessed rebel occupations. The vast majority were peaceful, focused and determined to barge their way into the political process. We, the 99%, know what we want and we have a pretty good idea how to get it. To those that fear us we say, "come and join us". You have nothing to fear. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

On a personal note, I was disappointed that very few Green Party activists have been hands on at the London Occupation at the crucial first night. Although this is definitely not a party affair - it is a genuine grassroots movement - there would have been room for my party colleagues to roll their sleeves up and get more involved in the early hours of the occupation. I'm pleased to report that Caroline Lucas MP, the leader of the Green Party plans to attend the occupation on its third day.

I pitched in with the legal team. Without going into details here, we resolved all our early issues. People outside the occupation zone have pitched in to help and I'd like to give a special shout to John Cooper QC for offering his help.

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