Raag Darbari Kanada

Artist : Malika e Mauseeqi Roshan Ara Begum

Recording : Radio Pakistan, Lahore

Photo Slide Show : Syed Wajid

*(In Photo Slide Show), I tried to explore some glimpses of the inside-Palace Life & Culture of Great Mughal Rulers of India.

A Syed Wajid's Presentation


Roshan Ara Begum (1917 -1982) became one of the most important woman in the history of Hindustani classical music. In Pakistan she is revered as Mallika-e-Mauseeqi or Queen of Music.

Roshan Ara Begum was one of the most outstanding disciple of the legendary Abdul Karim Khan of the Kirana Gharana. After singing a few ghazals and geets for the films she devoted her entire life to Northern Indian classical music even when it was not that popular in Pakistan. She too shifted & migrated to Pakistan at the height of her career knowing that the conditions were not that conducive for her.


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