Content Construction Kits are made up of two principles. The first is the ability to create custom content types, made up of different custom fields that you define. The second is how that content is displayed on your site. The latter is done by creating content templates and can be used to construct literally any layout you want. Your only limitation is your creativity.

A good Content Construction Kit (CCK) has no assumptions about what should be outputted on the page and after trying most of the available CCK's for Joomla!, Chris has settled on Zoo as his favorite. In this talk, Chris will give you an overview of Zoo's features, explain the steps needed to start creating your own custom content types, as well as share a couple tricks he's learnt along the way.

Day 1, Track 2
Presenter: Chris Rault (ZA) (Web Monkeys)
Dates: 19-20 August 2011
Venue: The Pavillion Conference Centre in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

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