A photograph can instantly transport its participants right back into the moment, the time and place where it was taken. But if you weren’t there it's unlikely to reveal how those people were acting and interacting in that moment. You need moving pictures for that. The director Wiz, who went on to create the finest short film about rave culture, ‘Weekender’ (to accompany Flowered Up’s eponymous 13-minute track), realised that the way people behaved at acid house clubs and raves, especially those who were tripping on ecstasy or acid, should be recorded. So in the summer of 1989 he set up a camera near the entrance to an event, gave people a shiny new moon sculpture to hold as they wished, and filmed them. A procession of people stepped into the lights to dance, stare, pose or josh about with their mates, and Wiz accompanies the film with the music Mozart and precedes it with the situationist paean to the liberation that comes with breaking the law:

"Can any pleasure we are allowed to taste be compared with the indescribable joy of casting aside every form of restraint and breaking every conceivable law"

Writing by Dave Swindells 2011

Film shot at a Boys Own Party in Broadstairs.

It had a network premier in 1998 on C4 as part of the Dazed TV.

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