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Three women who have worked for peace and women's rights in Liberia and Yemen have been awarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize

Cory: I’m sorry family, Cory Tyler here with your happy news having a slight disagreement with Tommy…

Tommy: Tell em, gov.

Cory: Fine.
Npr reports that Three women who have worked for peace and women's rights in Liberia and Yemen have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize,
our correspondent Tommy Thompson, has, I can’t do this. My fellow collegue thinks that there should be one winner of this prize and...go ahead you say it...

Tommy: Gladly. Folks Have you ever heard of 3 football teams winning the super bowl at the same time? Or the Lakers "sharing" the championship trophy with the Celtics…

Cory: I agree that that’ll never happen but the fact that you think these three women should participate in a mixed martial arts match to determine a sole winner is so batty.

Tommy: Truth is the nobel institute ain't what it used to be they're pinchin' pennies like the rest of us. They've got to get creative to save their brand.

Just imagine Peacemakers Mayhem Match on Pay Per View!

The ladies walk away with a scratch or two, the nobel bloaks get a cash boost from ticket sales, everybody's chipper as can be

Cory: Doesn’t this match, the embodiment of violence, go just

a tad against what these women represent…

Tommy: Do ya want to save the Peace Prize or stay stuck on that airy fairy mumbo jumo?

it’s like that Occupy Wall Street business…

bloaks walking around being peaceful, meditating and the like….I want to see illogical anarchy…instead they’re acting like they’ve got some sense…

Cory: Well too late Tommy. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman have already accepted the honor of sharing the peace prize together.

Tommy: Ok.... scratch the mma

how about a freestyle showdown on Dancing With The Stars…. Pop locking for Peace!

Cory: And Now Our Sage Of The Day.

Fosho: “Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace…”….

Donuts...especially those glazed twists...guaranteed to squash the tension every time. FoSho!

What do you think, should 1 of the 3 laureates have scored the nobel peace prize or not?

Let a brother know, leave a comment below and if you love happy news, subscribe to the show. I’m Cory Tyler for This Just Zen because happy (Tommy: I can’t move…I can’t move) happens!

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