The first test of the new SuperFreak 6.0 UL on my Thruster converted Exocet Exo-Wave 95L
Filmed with GoPro HD mounted on the boom
You can read the full review here:

"It was ideal conditions for a 6.0 with 8-10 m/s of wind and was paired with my tri-fin converted 95L Exo wave. The handling is the usual SuperFreak feeling and it was pure bliss to ride the 6.0UL.

There was good power and depower as expected, the only time I even noticed it was a bigger sail (bigger than a 5.3 that is) was in the transistions where I noticed that it was a bit slower to react/throw around

But how did it do in lightwind wave riding? - It did EXCELLENTLY!
No problems at all in the wave riding - please note that the conditions was not fast down the line wave riding, but more milking slower 3-4 foot wind waves which means that the waves are surfed more than powered riding as what I get to ride 90% of the time - but the power was there to accelerate to catch the sections and to use in the topturns to whip around.

As one of those that have asked Jeff to make the 6.0 I can only say - Jeff you have done it again!
Just my notes from A Perfect Session"

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