Indoor Mural Project

Closing Party, April 23, 2011

The Indoor Mural Project will be a living, multi-layered exhibition where street art enthusiasts are
invited to observe the progression and transformation of a contemporary gallery space by some of the most exciting artists working today. During the exhibition, 941 Geary will operate as a
3,000-square-foot blank canvas for the selected artists to use as a starting point to build,
collaborate and riff off of each other’s work organically. The Indoor Mural Project aims to
energize the clean, formal space of the gallery with an infusion of movement, action, reaction
and a generous amount of spray paint fumes (courtesy of Montana Colors).

Curated By- Justin Giarla & Apex


Neon, Chor Boogie, Apex, Hush, Eine, Blek le Rat, Damon Soule, Skinner, Brett Amory, Herakut, DYOUNGV, Casey Gray, Augustine Kofie, Hugh Leeman, Chris Blackstock, Chad Hasegawa

Special Thanks- Montana Paint, Vulcan, Tova Lobatz, Spencer Keeton Cunningham

Shot by Colin M Day
Edited By Tony Gonzalez

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