This video was released on YouTube under the account "JacuzziGals" with the accompanying text:

we are 6 girls (and one tiny dog) who looooove the Jacuzzi Boys!!!!!
(don't wory 18+, don't be gross)
We made a fan vid a few nites ago we all got together at Karen's new apt.
Anyways, this is our favorite song from the new album.

Jacuzzi Boys,
We know your on tour but want to send you this!!!

we made this account cuz of all the weirdos on youtube, but if you are in the band send us a message! You guys are so cute!!
our dream is to meet the boys, so if anyone that sees this knows them... make sure they see it and know that we are glazin' (lol) for them always!

hope u all like it!!
everyone else don't be pervy, it's just fun! vagina's are so sci-fi, right?




Hey everyone!! UPDATE!! The video was passed along and the Boys finally saw it and THEY LIKED IT!



What the fuck?! This is so insane & beautiful... We're speechless! This is hands down the coolest thing a fan has ever done... Wow. We wanna ask a million questions, but we won't... but, Yes! we're absolutely down to make this public... We'll now call this the "official" video for Glazin'! It's a masterpiece!

It couldn't have come at a better time...
Happy Halloween!

Forever in debt,



It was banned from youtube, and later posted on vimeo under a "JacuzziGals" account as well, where it was removed by the record label (Hardly Art, a subsidiary of SubPop, which is itself owned by Warner) because they were afraid of litigation stemming from our satirical appropriation of pop culture characters. Despite the fact that we were in fact hired and commissioned by them, they deny all involvement.

We have since hosted it here: the same server used by Wikileaks which does not bow to pressure from anyone to censor the content hosted on their site.

The truth is finally out about this video- listen to the panel "Vagina Puppetry and Fair Use" at SXSW:

Jacuzzi Boys "Glazin"
Hardly Art

A Borscht Corp Production

Video by Mayer\Leyva (Jillian Mayer and Lucas Leyva)
Art Department: Kayla Delacerda, Eli Oviedo

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