This is my third short as a writer/director.

I wanted to depart from heavy drama of previous shorts and this seemed like the perfect project - a character driven comedy about relationships.

It is part of an ensemble feature idea but it was more of a test to see if a 'shooting quickly' would result in shooting 'solid' production value, getting organic performances and also to to get me working with actors again.

I like developing actors ideas into any short project and give them space to create for themselves instead of trampling all over their instincts. I worked with each actor individually and then in their respective couples.

We shot three takes and all their were scenes ran together as one take.

I rehearsed with the actors the day prior to the shoot then got stuck in and shot this whole film in one day with 3 DSLRs. Camera used was the Canon 60D with Nikon Primes.

My thanks to everybody involved.

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