Videomapping – interactive music sequencer.
Sept 3, 2011

Coded with:
Processing + Toxi.math + MidiBus + GLGraphics + oscP5 + Kinect + OpenNI + NiTE + Freenect + Ableton Live + Custom sequencing library developed in-house.

Client: Nike

For the opening of Nike’s new store in Turin, we had a ball creating a 4-story-high sequencer and projecting it on the baroque façade of a building in one of the city’s historical squares. An electronic music machine, open to all who felt like getting into the game, stepping up to the control platform, and letting a Kinect-equipped station sense their body’s contour and movements. Interactivity was literally in their hands, as they discovered the power to turn windows on and off with a mere touch, revealing musical notes and samples that combined into ever-changing audio loops.
Energized and empowered, our players became the real pivot of the event: controlling a 20-meter-tall luminous shadow, wrapped in ribbons of bold color coming from a second projector aimed right at their body, they became conductors, composers, and the creators of an interactive show that took music, colors and proportions to the next level.

Concept, Design & Development: ToDo
Sound Design: Enrico Ascoli
Field producer: Adriano Bassi
Interactive platform construction: Dynamic Factory
Video projection setup: Euphon

Shooting and video editing: Logout Video (Andrea Bocca, Paolo Ceretto)

THANKS to: Alessandro Poggi and Alessandro Bianchi!

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