Take a journey on the path to diplomacy with this educational Web site. To capture the spirit of this important facet of government, Second Story created a site that would lead visitors through a diversity of stories that exemplify diplomacy.

Diplomacy is the act of developing and sustaining relationships. Yet, such a simple definition doesn’t fully represent the work of the Department of State. To further explain its role, and cultivate public engagement, Second Story created a site that is itself an act of diplomacy. Easily navigable across three main sections, the site covers the essentials of diplomatic principles. “Diplomacy 101” introduces the key concepts of what a diplomat does, where it all happens, and how relationships are created and sustained. An interactive map visualizes the people, places, and issues involved in the Department of State’s global network. An animation with kinetic typography introduces users to the cardinal values of diplomacy and illustrates how it affects every American. Built using HTML5, the site is flexible, accessible, and friendly to mobile devices.

For complete project credits visit: secondstory.com/portfolio/works/discover-diplomacy

U.S. Diplomacy Center

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