Darwin’s Legacy - Donald R. Prothero - February 2012
Excerpt: In four of the biggest climatic-vegetational events of the last 50 million years, the mammals and birds show no noticeable change in response to changing climates. No matter how many presentations I give where I show these data, no one (including myself) has a good explanation yet for such widespread stasis despite the obvious selective pressures of changing climate.

Birds and Flight - Prof. Andy McIntosh - video

No evidence for the evolution of birds from dinosaurs - collected notes

"The first and most complete fossil of archaeopteryx, found in 1855, was misidentified as a flying pterodacylus for 115 years. The newest finding, though, demonstrates that our understanding of even well-studied fossils like archaeopteryx -- scrutinized, measured, modeled for 150 years -- can still be upended."
Bye Bye Birdie: Famed Fossil Loses Avian Perch - Oct. 2009

“The whole notion of feathered dinosaurs is a myth that has been created by ideologues bent on perpetuating the birds-are-dinosaurs theory in the face of all contrary evidence”
Storrs Olson, the curator of birds at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History

Dinosaur feather folly - video
Even renowned (evolutionary) ornithologist Dr Alan Feduccia agrees that dinosaur to bird evolution is 'full of holes'.

The Archaeoraptor Fraud of National Geographic Magazine (In 1999)
Excerpt: "The idea of feathered dinosaurs and the theropod origin of birds is being actively promulgated by a cadre of zealous scientists acting in concert with certain editors at Nature and National Geographic who themselves have become outspoken and highly biased proselytizers of the faith. Truth and careful scientific weighing of evidence have been among the first casualties in their program, which is now fast becoming one of the grander scientific hoaxes of our age---the paleontological equivalent of cold fusion."
Storrs Olson

Birds of a Feather: Darwinian Evolution Stumped by Novel Features - audio podcast - august 2011

Discovery Raises New Doubts About Dinosaur-Bird Links - June 2009
Excerpt: "one of the primary reasons many scientists kept pointing to birds as having descended from dinosaurs was similarities in their lungs,“ Ruben said. “However, theropod dinosaurs had a moving femur and therefore could not have had a lung that worked like that in birds. Their abdominal air sac, if they had one, would have collapsed. That undercuts a critical piece of supporting evidence for the dinosaur-bird link,,, “The findings add to a growing body of evidence in the past two decades that challenge some of the most widely-held beliefs about animal evolution.” ----"For one thing, birds are found (many millions of years) earlier in the fossil record than the dinosaurs they are supposed to have descended from," Ruben said. "That's a pretty serious problem,"...

Anchiornis: Foot Feathers Confuse Bird Evolution Story:
Excerpt: It would seem that going from four wings to two wings represents devolution, not evolution.

Flap Over Flight Evolution - July 2011

Dinosaurs (D)Evolved from Birds - Feb. 2010
“The weight of the evidence is now suggesting that not only did birds not descend from dinosaurs,” John Ruben of OSU said, “but that some species now believed to be dinosaurs may have descended from birds.”

Dino-Feather Story Gets Fluffier - May 2010

Feathered Dinosaurs or Flightless Birds? - Casey Luskin - May 2010 - audio

The earliest known pelican reveals 30 million years of evolutionary stasis in beak morphology - June 2010
Abstract: The feeding apparatus of Paleogene birds is rarely well-preserved. Here, we describe the earliest known pelican (early Oligocene, Luberon, southeastern France), with its almost complete beak. Morphologically identical to modern pelicans, the new fossil already shows several advanced features unique to extant species of the genus Pelecanus. It probably belongs to the lineage ancestral to all or some of these pelican species. This fossil reveals a remarkable evolutionary stasis in the morphology of such an advanced avian feeding apparatus through ca. 30 million years.

Giant fossil bird found in Central Asia - August 2011

The following article is interesting for it points out a truly amazing design feature in the beaks of birds that allows some birds to precisely navigate as they migrate extremely long distances:
Natural 'Magnetometer' in Upper Beak of Birds - Feb. 2010
Excerpt: “Most probably each of these more than 500 dendrites encodes only one direction of the magnetic field,”,,, “These manifold data are processed to the brain of the bird and here – recomposed – serve as a basis for a magnetic map, which facilitates the spatial orientation.”

Origin of Soulish Animals:
Excerpt: Bolhuis and Wynne contrast the cognitive capacities of birds and primates.,,, Evidently, certain bird species exhibit greater powers of the mind than do apes.

New Caledonian Crows Exceed Apes/Chimps at Trap-tube Experiment - video

Song birds claimed to use grammar - June 2011
Excerpt: Even more surprising: all the birds responded in the same way. If one bird ignored a jumbled call, all the other birds ignored that call too. It seems that the order of syllables matters to the birds, and that suggests grammar in action.

An interesting side-note to this is that it is found that flying fish are remarkably similar to birds, and even jet airplanes, in many superior attributes of gliding ability:

Flying Fish Glide as Well as Birds, Researchers Find - Sept. 2010

As well flying fish are 'surprisingly' unchanged in the fossil record for at least as far back as 95 million years:

Flying Fish Fossil - pictures of 95 million year old fossil

The Unknown Origin of Pterosaurs - video

Bat Evolution? - No Transitional Fossils! - video

Entire video/book set:


Video interview:

Origins - Evolution - The Grand Experiment - Part 1 with Dr. Carl Werner

Origins - Evolution - The Grand Experiment - Part 2 with Dr. Carl Werner

Origins - Evolution - The Grand Experiment - Part 3 with Dr. Carl Werner

Cambrian Explosion thru Refutation Of Human Evolution

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