April 2012 @ International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
October 2011 @ shnit International Shortfilmfestival in Germany

Director: Christian Ebeling
Germany, 2011, Documentary, 9:26 min

This short documentary demonstrates why the german city Cologne, the carnival and energetic Brazilian drum rhythms perfectly match. Maracuta is a Brazilian style of music which is related to Samba and has been firmly established by the Maracuta Colonia group in Germany's carnival stronghold. Members of this band of drummers explain Maracatu's African roots, its essence and the reasons why it promotes the understanding among nations.

5th european Maracatu meeting will be in Cologne (Germany) 20th-22th July 2012

Warum Köln, Karneval und energiegeladene brasilianischen Trommelrhythmen so gut zusammen passen, zeigt diese kurze Dokumentation. Maracatu ist ein brasilianischer Musikstil, der dem Samba verwandt ist und durch die Gruppe Maracatu Colonia in der deutschen Karnevalshochburg seinen festen Platz gefunden hat. Musiker der Trommelgruppe erklären die afrikanischen Wurzel, die Seele der Musik und warum Maracatu Völker und Kulturen verbindet.

Many thanks to Stefan Munaretto for the subtitles and all Maracatu Colonia musicians.

Special thanks to kdenlive.org developer team for providing such a great piece of software for everyone.

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