What you see is the video documentation of the installation 'input me', recorded at the exhibition 'HOMO INFORMATICUS' at Atelier Unsichtbar, Stuttgart, in line with the event "Lange Nacht der Museen 2011" (lange-nacht.de).

The undercranking shows how input me reacts to the visitor's movement respectively their appearance. You can watch how it reflects their interaction: when people are there they automatically deliver information, no matter whether they try to communicate and manipulate the piece on purpose or they completely ignore it.

While input is given, within the installation a big bubble inflates more and more. It presses itself against the glass cage. People often mentioned they had been worrying either the bubble might destroy the glass cabinet or it might burst itself.

None of this happened while the whole exhibition up to the present.

The exhibition is being shown from April 9th to 23th, 2011 at Atelier Unsichtbar in Stuttgart (on Google Maps: bit.ly/ieRQAx).

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