iPhone 4S. Kinda quick edit of SubieFest 2011, which was today at Pomona Fairplex.

Awesome event, didnt cover half the scope of it, or even a tenth.

It holds up pretty well in normal conditions, you can lock exposure and focus for dramatic effect, and image stabilization doesnt get all jello-like under normal shaking. Biggest downfall I can see is the way it clips highlights is a bit limiting when it comes to color-grading, and it has the WORST rolling shutter of any camera I have used in a long time (and I shoot on DSLRs!). That being said, if you know when it should be used, it’s a nice asset to have in your bag of tricks.

More about this shoot and my ongoing Subie shoots on natums.com

Shot on iPhone 4S, edited in Final Cut w/ Magic Bullet Looks.

Track - 'Signed in Alcohol' by Bullets and Octane

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