Haro UK Tour 2011

Executive Producers
-Joe Hawk
-Allan Cooke

Producer/Talent Manager
-Colin Mackay

-Terrell Gordy

-Cory Nastazio
-Dennis Enarson
-Ronnie Napolitan
-Colin Mackay
-Allan Cooke

-Terrell Gordy

Additional Filming
-Dennis Enarson
-Ronnie Napolitan
-Colin Mackay

Cameras Used
-Panasonic HPX170
-Panasonic GH2
-Canon 5D

Edited On
-Apple Computers
-Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
-G-Tech Drives
-Magic Bullet

Production Gear Provided By
Texas Media Systems

-Adam, Nigel and everyone at Moore Large for taking care of us and making the trip possible.
-Everyone at all of the parks for being awesome, everyone where we went was so cool and accommodating it made the trip sweet.
-Colin, Dennis, Ronnie and Nasty for being the best dudes ever to travel and ride with.
-Mother Nature for not raining every day that we were there, I heard that happens a lot.
-Big thanks to all those little bastards in Liverpool for not killing us.
-Anthony Watkinson for showing us about.
-French fries at every meal, without it I’m not sure what I would have ate.
-ASDA and 2 liter bottles of Strongbow.
-BMX for being the best reason to go to another country with your friends.
-Special thanks goes out to sugar packets for keeping Cory alive, without them we would have lost him for sure.

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