Excerpt from Andrej Solzhkins' travel notebooks (IV: 129a):
"One can never forget the buzz of this city. It almost feels natural, it feels as if it was with you even while you were away from Athens, as if you have been carrying it all along over the lands you have been wandering on. Now it's around you again, eternal and subtle, more than a sound - a whole sensual experience. Angry cars hurrying to nowhere, the metro driving blindly under the ground, fridges struggling to maintain goods, car alarms waiting to go on, televisions on mute and computers on stand-by - all machines and their dreams, the baseline of history. The city itself will compose its melodies upon this baseline: sometimes reproductions of pop riffs sometimes free jazz improvisations; she will even perform silence upon this baseline - the melodies might temporarily cease, but the bass never stops. People synchronize their heartbeat with it and thus do I. Marble ruins and shiny metal vehicles, the city breaths out haze; glorious and insignificant at the same time, the past; conceptions of linear history collapse under the weight of the ever-present past. Sisyphian errands and dreams of the sea - everybody dreams of the sea, gentle souls in tense bodies walking on the burning pavement; sweat. Affirming motion, concluding effort, sweat appears in rorschach formations on the back of their t-shirts, revealing the schizophrenia of the city. Everybody wants to be somewhere else, somewhere south."

music: Dick Raaijmakers

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