Warning: [18] This video contains concealed but sexually explicit imagery and is only suitable for adults of the age 18 or over. IsuruFoundation™ takes no responsibility whatsoever for children accidentally accessing this video.

Like every mature and rational person on the planet, I constantly try not to wallow excessively in sexual pleasure and to avoid ‘temptation‘, the way morality teaches us, whether it is based on religious doctrine or on philosophical righteousness.

However, I am beginning to question why, because our universe fundamentally functions on conjugation at its subatomic and elementary levels and on reproduction at the advanced, organismic level. Sex, therefore, is the overriding force that evolves life and the matter that supports it. Then, the female of any species is an indispensable source of life, without which we wouldn’t be here.

Yet, all religions and relevant philosophies advise against sex, irrationally labelling it as the devil’s work and blacklisting women as the sole source of temptation. Forgotten are the caring and nurturing, and therefore, the much more evolved nature of the female; and the ancient and patriarchal despotism which actually gave rise to this unequal treatment of women in the first place.

At least in more democratic regions of the globe, younger men and women equally enjoy sex as it is intended by the process of evolution. As far as it is consensual and not demeaning to anyone involved, sex is not just a gift, but a vital requirement of life that should be explored and enjoyed to the full, so that living could be less burdensome, and evolution progresses at its optimal rate.

The concept of this video is to musically illustrate, through lesbian pornography, partially concealed by religious imagery, the eternal conflict between sex and righteousness, religious or otherwise. It tries Buddhism and Hinduism to suppress the thirst for sexual imagery at first and later appreciates and succumbs to the allure of the female and to her significance as the mother of life and the saviour of the world, which is perennially under threat from the testosterone fuelled behaviour of the alpha male.


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‘Nil Maanel’ [Blue Lilies]
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Composed & Performed by W D Amaradeva
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© Singlanka | c. 1984

‘Sands of the Kara Kum’
Composed & Performed by Iskelu
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‘Amma’ [Mother]
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‘Horny Girls Studying Sex Education’
Unknown Author & Performers
© Red Tube | 2011

For IsuruFoundation™
‘love is the cure’

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