44 min. documentary impression, filmed by Remmelt Lukkien, following Dutch visual artist Marjan Teeuwen while she creates one of her amazing architectonic art installations. In a large apartment building she connects four apartments by breaking through walls, ceilings and floors to create one space in which she builds her installation using the interiors stripped from some 50 other apartments. The result provides a unique experience of order and disorder mixed together in a magical way. Earlier, Marjan made such architectonic art installations on different locations in Holland and in Russia. See her website: kw14.nl
Artecinema 2012 (Art Film Festival), Naples, Italy. FIFA 2012 (Festival International du Film sur L'Art), Montréal, Canada. World Premiere at BAF 2011 (Bosch Art Film) Den Bosch, Netherlands.
© 2011 Lasso Film & TV Production, Amsterdam, Netherlands. - AVAILABLE ON DVD from lassofilm@gmail.com
- Other films by Remmelt Lukkien: vimeo.com/lassofilm/videos

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