What are you passionate about? Sports? Family? Music? Movies? Landscaping? Money? Exercise? Sex? Food? When you are passionate about something, you put your all into it.

Think about it, passion is not pulled out of you but poured out of you. It flows out of you. You don't have to work yourself up to watch your favorite sports team, you don't mind breaking the bank to see a movie or you don't mind spending half a day preparing a meal because you are passionate about the Cowboys, the next blockbuster movie, or a perfectly grilled filet mignon. What are you passionate about?

At Keystone Church, we will help you discover a PASSION for life that impacts ALL of your relationships. Ultimately, we desire to lead everyone to experience a PASSIONATE life in Christ!

In this new series, ALL IN, Brandon will inspire and challenge us to pour out our passion not just at church but every day of our week. Seven truths in seven weeks… It will change your life forever.

Don't miss one week of this series. You will never look at church and life the same way again.

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