Moderator: Ivan Spiegel, Parliamentarian, Venice NC
Speakers: Leonard Shaffer, President, Tarzana NC
Mary A. Garcia, President, Midtown NoHo NC

Because public funds are received by NC’s, a budget must be approved by the board and financial statements must match approved expenditures. Also, there must be a descriptive agenda posted in advance since the public has a right to speak before the budget is authorized. Local neighborhood council board members set the Bylaws, Board Policies and standing rules that must also conform to those of DONE and BONC. This session will attempt to give you a summary of each of them. There are practical ways that councils can work to be effective. One key is a strong committee system and a continued communication with your community, through many forms of media and personal contact. At the core of all Neighborhood Councils is the monthly meeting where people can have their voices heard in order to make positive changes in their community.

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