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We're a husband and wife wedding filmmaking team based in the panhandle of Florida. We are blessed to live in one of the most gorgeous destination wedding areas of the United States and we primarily shoot along the Emerald Coast. Like most people we love to travel, so if you are getting married somewhere else in the Southeastern United States, please let us know.

Why did we name our company "Sixpence Productions?" Well, for years we went by the name Diva Productions, and Diva was good to us, but we began to realize that the brand didn't reflect our clients well. Our couples, generally, have strong ties to their family, faith and friends. Totally, not Divas. So, as we developed a new company name and brand, we chose things which better reflected who our couples are and who we are! Rob is British (Welsh if you want to get specific) and I (Joanna) lived in the United Kingdom for 10 years (basically all of my 20's). The British silver sixpence in a brides shoe is a wonderful tradition, and we thought it gave a nice nod to our family ties in Britain, provided us with a fresh brand, and reflected our love of legacies. We feel like legacies are exactly what a wedding film is all about, creating something tangible to leave behind for future generations.

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