Synthesis & Fabrication of Graphene Structure for Invisible Electronics
Guangyu Zhang
Nanoscale Physics and Devices Lab, Institute of Physics, CAS

Graphene shows great potential for future electronics due to its extraordinary electrical properties and structure-engineerable nature. Controlling of the graphene nanostructures, such as their mophology, sizes and edges, is crucial during graphene fabrication process as the electric and magnetic properties of graphene depend strongly on these structural parameters, especially for confined structures. For example, the identification of graphene crystallographic orientation, prise control of the size, and smooth edges have been difficult to achieve, one has to deal with graphene nanostructures with unknown crystallographic orientation and irregular edges. In this presentation, we present our recent work on I), catalyst-free synthesis of graphene thin fimls and controllable buckling of graphene for flexible electronics; II), top-dow fabrication of graphene nanostructures with well-defined zigzag edges by using a dry anisotropic etching method. The electrical properties and potential devices applications for these graphene nanostructures are studies.

References for further reading:
2. “Substrate doping effects on Raman spectrum of epitaxial graphene on SiC”
3. “An Anisotropic Etching Effect in Graphene Basal Plane”

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