“In Toronto ‘food security’ is understood primarily as the issue of hunger, but in a broader sense it is the right to know where the food is coming from, what’s in it, and a right to fresh quality food.” – Not Far From The Tree.

The organization Not far From the Tree grew out of the observation that the fruit growing in the city was often left to waste while food banks and soup kitchens were struggling to supply fresh fruit. The organization addressed both issues by organizing volunteers to harvest the fruit and deliver one third of the harvest to the neighborhood food banks and soup kitchens, leaving a third for the volunteers and a third for the fruit tree owners. While utilizing urban fruit trees to help reduce hunger is the organization’s main focus, they also run related educational programs on: the lost techniques of fruit preservation, the local food system, issues of mass food production, urban land use, and importance and care of urban trees.

Besides making thousands of pounds of fresh fruit available to those in need, the program addresses a number of systemic issues, such as the greenhouse emissions, the use of the fertile land on which Toronto is built, and the preservation of the urban canopy.

The organization is strongly neighborhood oriented. Started and run by Toronto residents, it grows by adding interested neighborhoods to its program, by increasing the variety of edibles they harvest, and by actively supporting the planting and use of fruit trees on public property.

Find out more at goodevidence.com

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