The concept of international borders, often with fences and other obstructions, is antithetical to the idea of wilderness and large landscape conservation in which migration corridors and large scale ecological process are intact. Nature and its systems know no borders. The peace parks concept is based on the ecological importance of intact ecosystems and the reality that nature supports people of all nations. Borders are also unnatural for human-kind. There is a pressing need for international cooperation for peace and protection of our planet.

WILD is committed to the Pace Parks concept, and has presented many different models in this type of progressive, protected area management at every World Wilderness Congress. We also represent the Peace Parks Foundation (based in South Africa) in the United States, and WILD’s President, Vance Martin, is President and a member of the Friends of Peace Parks (USA) Board of Directors.

One of the best overviews of peace parks and its environmental counterpart - transfrontier conservation areas – is found in Transboundary Conservation: A New Vision for Protected Areas, one of the books in the celebrated CEMEX conservation series, and available from WILD.

copyright: Peace Parks Foundation, SA

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