"Dissection" is a movie about Rahim whose father was a thief so he is, but this days is harder then before. He find very difficulties to do his dirty work because there are lots of people working in his market!!!

Experimental /Suspense /Dark comedy
Arifuzzam wareci, Nadim Mohammod, Bushra

Director, writer, camera operator, edit by
Md. Ashik Bhuiyan
Production Assistants
Mizan, Nadim
Thanx to Salomon(vimeo.com/ligthelm) for let me use his music.
Other music by Moby Gratis

Camera: Canon 550d
Lens: kit and 55-250mm
Thanks Nadim for let me use this equipment.

Festival screened: 5th International Inter University Film Festival(IIUFF)

Making this film was a huge challenge for me. Maximum time i was the only man behind the camera, so its not so easy to control the actors, lights and camera. Also this is the 1st time i got a dslr on my hand(my friend recently brought a canon t2i and let me use it). I tried my best to execute my art properly. Hope you will enjoy it.

My upcoming Film "Know Thyself"

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