(110 x 70 x 40 cm)
cross-cut shredder, electric fan. paper leaflets, motion sensor, micro switch, wood, energy-saving light bulbs.

This was the second shredding machine that I created. As an improvement to Shredder Piece 1, this machine used a cross-cut shredder and an electric fan so that the impact on the installation space was far greater.

A switch behind the door to the installation space, when hit by the door opening, gave power to the shredding machine and a small light bulb within the machine. The room was inherently very dark, so only the faint light and menacing whir of the shredder were experienced at first. Only when the viewer walked further into the space, would a secondary light come on. And as shredding machine only came on momentarily, the room blackened again until the first viewer had walked in far enough to activate the second light.

With only what they could hear of the room and peoples' reactions within it, viewers described their feelings as curious and anxious while waiting to go into the space. Suspense was really building in the corridor outside the installation space.

The nature of the shredded material in this piece provided more scope for audience interaction. I gave a broom to people entering the space so that they may draw with the shredded paper on the floor of the space.
.....So, as well as the slow build up of shredded material form people entering the space, people left their own personalized traces in the form of the drawings they made.

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