October 23, 2011

Leads: Keith Landa and Sarah Guth

Summary: Anything goes in this session. What has struck you most in these first two days? Are you clearer about the strong points of your courses for now and what you still need to work on? For this brainstorming session, each team is asked to put forward one good idea about what would make your class soar. We’ll come back and discuss these issues as a group.

Leads: Keith Landa and Sarah Guth

Summary: Keith will take the group through at least two prior globally networked courses, module by module, as many people in this workshop have never taught online - and nobody has taught a GNL course before. We will then use these course shells as references to summarize how learning objectives are broken down over the period of the semester to create modules with resources and activities. First, Sarah will show examples of how she’s turned objectives into specific tasks, including the tools she chose, and then each group will create tentative modules for their course that respond to some of the learning objectives we articulated on Saturday.

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