It's been over 30 years since the mighty Snowy River has seen a release from the Jindabyne dam and it revealed a classic section of whitewater. Fantastic class 3-4 sections that have it all, boofs, technical section, playwaves, large holes, a spectacular gorge and consistent whitewater. This is a video guide to that run.
Lakewood Rapid - not seen in video, first rapid, run centre.
Lone Pine - Named because of the lone pine tree on the right of the river, a tribute to ANZACs. Run right, eddy out, then run right of the rock.
Darlos Boof - Named after some random guy in the Snowy region, no idea who this guy is. Run the boof on the left, lower water you can still run the boof just come off the right side of the boof rock.
Bouncing Beloka - Hard right and you got some sweet lines, go over the boof rock and avoid the hole on the right. If you don't get right on the boof rock then you are probably in for a working. Run left if you are not confident. Wuss.
Boulder Garden-Run the centre between the rocks, fairly grindy section
Jez and Joes Playwave - A great hole just below the boulder garden, sweet feature indeed.
Ben's Abyss-One of the more fun rapids, as you come around a right turn just have fun down the rapid, whiteouts occur here.
Swaine's Favourite - Another great section that you just bounce on down, keep left at the end to avoid a large hole on the right.
Upper El Paso - Large hole on the bottom left, keep right or as Darlo says, you can't go too far right. A hole halfway at the boof that will spin and work smaller boats, at this boof if you are in a smaller boat go slightly left instead of hitting the boof rock. More speed helps.
Lower El Paso - Higher levels go hard left, lower levels hard left and hard right are ok. This is a big river wide hole in the gorge. Just below is another hole on the left when you think your clear.
Here comes a working - A big hole that will hold ya and work ya, go around the rock on the right and work your way right. No you can't boof this, believe me, unless you want to help out the name of this hole.... here comes a working boy.

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